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Diversity and Representation in Local Government

CivicPulse provides unprecedented access to open data on diversity in local government, covering gender, race, and ethnicity going back to 2013. Data were gathered using name-based and image-based algorithms and validated against self-reported survey data and manual coding. Check out some of our key insights into this topic by clicking the links below. Or scroll down further to explore our Diversity Dashboard, currently featuring the representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities in the local government finance profession. 

Diversity of Local Government Finance Staff and Leadership
Representation of Women in Local Government Financial Leadership
Women Representation Among Top Appointed Officials in Local Government

Diversity Dashboard


We estimate the demographics of the local government finance profession, specifically finance leadership serving communities of 1,000 or more and finance staff more broadly. Using name-based and image-based algorithms, we estimate the percent of individuals who are women, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, and Hispanic/Latinx. While this method has been validated against self-reported data and manual coding, these numbers should still be interpreted as estimates only. Moreover, the method does not provide reliable estimates for the Native American population, nor for the gender nonbinary population.


This work is possible due to the generous support from our sponsors, the Government Finance Officers Association and AAPI Data. Interested in supporting additional Diversity Dashboard research? We are currently seeking support to add several new local government leadership positions to the dashboard. If interested, please reach out to our Managing Director, Nathan Lee, at

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