Despite the media’s focus on national political news, the majority of day-to-day policymaking happens at the local level. And yet, accessing information about the thousands of local government officials serving across the United States remains a challenge.

CivicPulse aims to meet that challenge. We are a nonprofit organization that runs national surveys of local officials across the United States. CivicPulse grew out of a collaboration among classmates at Stanford University who wanted to create a national survey platform for local officials to effectively share their voices.

As such, CivicPulse is committed to three core values: nonpartisanship, transparency, and respect for our participants. Nonpartisanship means we do our utmost to ensure objectivity and avoid partisan bias in our surveys. Transparency means our processes, findings, and funding sources will always be made publicly available. Respect for our participants means we respect the time, feedback, and confidentiality of our survey takers.

Since our founding last year, we have already conducted 5 major surveys that have contributed to a variety of different research projects. Our surveys consistently sample a diverse representation of policymakers from all 50 states and both major political parties. Because of our commitment to promoting shared knowledge and non-intrusive survey respondent experience, over 80% of first-time survey respondents agree to join our ongoing survey panel. 

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