“Does Private Regulation Preempt Public Regulation?” by Neil Malhotra, Benoît Monin, and Michael Tomz. Published in the American Political Science Review (2019). 


"Peer Perception by Politicians: Evidence from Ultimatum Games Experiments with Incumbent Legislators" by Lior Sheffer and Peter John Loewen (2019). 


“Do Policymakers Listen to Experts? Evidence from a National Survey of Local and State Policymakers” by Nathan Lee (2019). 

“More Accurate But No Less Polarized: Comparing the Factual Beliefs of Government Officials and the Public” by Nathan Lee, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, and D.J. Flynn. Forthcoming at British Journal of Political Science. 

“How Policymakers Evaluate Online versus Offline Constituent Messages” by Kaiping Chen, Nathan Lee, and William Marble (2019).

Where Do Women Serve? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Gender Gap in U.S. Government by Alejandra Aldridge and Nathan Lee. [data

Polarization in Subnational Government: Evidence from Surveys of Township, Municipal, County, and State Policymakers by Nathan Lee, Michelangelo Landgrave, and Kirk Bansak. 

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