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Date Asked

August 2020

Question Type

Multiple Choice

Positions Asked

Head of Fire Protection Services

Level of Government Surveyed


Question Text

In trying to acquire new software for (specific department area/each of the following areas), which of the following has been a challenge? Please select all that apply.

Answer Choices

1. Obtaining financial approval/resources
2. Inadequate information about software options
3. Lack of buy-in from IT staff in your government
4. Lack of buy-in from purchasing staff in your government
5. Lack of buy-in from your top appointed official
6. Concerns about implementation
7. Other (please specify)
8. I have no applicable experience to answer this question

Grid Options

Additional Information

The language of this question changed based upon position. Department heads were shown their specific department area (i.e. ... for "public works", which ...). For Top Appointed officials and Heads of IT, the question was generalized and the specific department area was replaced with "for each of the following areas."

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