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Date Asked

February 2021

Question Type

Multiple Choice

Positions Asked


Level of Government Surveyed


Question Text

Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?
Which of the following best describes your race/ethnicity? Please check all that apply.

Answer Choices

No, not of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
Yes, Mexican, Mexican Am., Chicano
Yes, Puerto Rican
Yes, Cuban
Yes, another Hislpanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
Black/African American
Asian/Asian American (includes East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander)
Native American

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Additional Information

Respondents were asked their race and ethnicity using questions taken from the US Census. If a respondent identified as non-Hispanic and white, then they were coded as a 1. If a person identified as Hispanic or non-white, they were coded as a 0. See Race_other_flag for a further explanation of some of the respondents who did not identify as non-Hispanic whites.
The questions asked to construct NonHispanic_white are listed above.

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