"What do leaders in local government think about the budget?" by Jonathan Chu and Emily Katz [link]

​This CivicPulse report provides analysis on their March 2019 survey about the budgetary concerns facing local governments. Take a look to see who thinks that the budget is a pressing issue and what solutions might help.

"Democratic values and perceived performance: Comparing the public with elite donors and local officials" by Bright Line Watch [link]

Drawing on a variety of data sources, including from a CivicPulse survey conducted in March 2019, this report by Bright Line Watch assesses how local policymakers, political donors, and the American public think about the performance of democracy in the United States. You may be surprised to find out who is the most optimistic.

"Elite Attitudes to Global Governance" by the Legitimacy in Global Governance research program (LegGov) [link]

The Legitimacy in Global Governance research program (LegGov) is a research program that offers systematic, comparative analysis of legitimacy in global governance. This report investigates how people around the world--including American state legislators and staffers who took part in a CivicPulse survey--think about international institutions like the United Nations and World Trade Organization.

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