Once a year, CivicPulse sends out a Call for Proposals inviting applicants to include survey questions on an omnibus survey. Unlike the stand-alone custom surveys, omnibus surveys feature content from multiple contributors. The Call for Proposals will detail the scope of the planned survey, along with pricing information and the deadline to receive applications. 

Contributors submit proposals to add a module of questions to the omnibus survey. Once data collection is complete, contributors receive data corresponding to their module only, along with CivicPulse’s standard battery of respondent demographic variables, constituent demographic variables, survey metadata, and weights. 

CivicPulse fields an omnibus survey once a year. The deadline to propose content for the 2023 omnibus survey is January 15. A Call for Proposals is announced approximately three months prior to the deadline and includes all relevant details about the planned omnibus survey. 

Sample Options 

Omnibus surveys target a random sample of local government policymakers (governing board members and top elected officials) nationwide. Our population of local officials represents all townships, municipalities, and counties in the United States with a population of 1,000 or more. Applicants can choose the number of respondents corresponding to their module in increments of 100 and up to a maximum of 500 respondents. 

Questionnaire Length and Pricing


Proposed modules for the omnibus survey should include content of no more than four minutes in length (see Survey Application Guidelines for information about how we estimate length).  

If you would like to propose a longer survey, target a civil service position, or if you would like to field a survey outside the Call for Proposals timeline, please consider our custom survey option. 

For current pricing information, please email 

Standard Survey Variables 

Omnibus survey contributors receive the following categories of variables in addition to the data corresponding to their module questions: (1) respondent demographics, (2) survey metadata, (3) constituent demographics, and (4) survey weights. For more specifics, please see the Survey Application Guidelines.

How To Apply 

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest form. 

  2. Review Survey Application Guidelines and FAQs

  3. Brief virtual consultation with CivicPulse team member. 

  4. Use CivicPulse Survey Template to format your questionnaire. 

  5. Submit your proposal (cover letter and questionnaire) to The subject of your email should be “CP Proposal: [Last Name], [First Name]”. Please keep your questionnaire an editable Microsoft Word document.