CivicPulse invites researchers interested in fielding a stand-alone custom survey to contact us through our Expression of Interest form. We offer both national and regional random-sample options. Sampling options are detailed below for fifteen local government leadership positions.

Sample Options 

Our population of local officials represents all townships, municipalities, and counties in the United States with a population of 1,000 or more. We consider custom samples on a case-by-case basis. The maximum sample size we offer depends on the local government position and geographic scale of interest. In general, we can offer up to 500 respondents in a national sample of policymakers, and up to 200 respondents in a national sample of any of the civil service positions. 

We currently survey the following local government positions: ​

Questionnaire Length and Pricing

Custom surveys are limited to no more than ten minutes, including demographics, so that we can maintain high survey response rates. Please note that respondent demographic questions are entirely customizable and up to the custom survey applicant to include in their questionnaire. 


Pricing is dependent on the length of the survey and the relative difficulty of achieving the targeted sample size (i.e., the target government position and the target sample size). However, we generally only accept projects priced at a minimum of $4,000 to ensure that we can cover the fixed costs of running a stand-alone survey. More information about pricing is provided during an initial 30-min meeting between CivicPulse and the researcher. 

For more information on pricing,  please see Survey Application Guidelines.

How To Apply 

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest form

  2. Read Survey Application Guidelines and FAQs

  3. Brief virtual consultation with CivicPulse team member. 

  4. Use CivicPulse Survey Template to format your questionnaire.