CivicPulse invites rolling applications for custom surveys for a variety of local government positions. Applicants can propose a set of questions to be fielded in a personal survey at any time in the year. 

General Information 

Custom surveys can reach any of our twelve local government positions. Pricing and sample sizes for each position are provided below. Pricing is based on the relative difficulty of achieving the targeted sample size. 


We offer both national and regional random-sample options. Our population of local officials represent all townships, municipalities, and counties in the United States with a population of 1,000 or more. If you are interested in a custom target sample not listed (e.g., governing board members for municipalities only, top elected officials in California, etc.), please contact Nathan Lee, Managing Director, at for pricing and feasibility. 


Custom surveys are limited to no more than ten minutes (including demographics), so that we can maintain high survey response rates. There is no minimum survey length; however, we generally only accept projects priced at a minimum of $4,000 to ensure that we can cover the fixed costs of running a stand-alone survey.  

Positions, Sample Size Options, and Pricing Categories 
Pricing By Sample Size ($ per minute)

*  Available only for Governing Board Member position

How To Apply 

Learn how to apply by following the guidelines provided in the link below. We try to make the process as simple as possible, focusing on the development of your survey questions. After you submit your proposal, CivicPulse will work with you to complete a careful review of your questionnaire.  


Here are the key documents that will help you in developing your proposal: 

  1. Custom Survey Application Guidelines

  2. FAQs


Please submit initial inquiries for custom surveys to Nathan Lee, Managing Director, at Include any relevant details you have about your intended proposal, and our team will respond promptly with feasibility and next steps, as applicable.