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We regularly announce calls for proposals is for researchers interested in adding survey content to our national survey panel of local elected policymakers from across the United States. Please review the information below and, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at


You can choose one of two options: 

 (1) 500 respondents, at $1500 a minute, for a maximum of 3 minutes 

 (2) 200 respondents, at $600 a minute for a maximum of 5 minutes 


While we will try to include as many survey modules as possible, space is limited! To allocate space, we will conduct a review process involving a combination of internal and anonymous external review with experts in elite surveys and local government. 


If you are considering applying, we request that you complete this extremely brief survey to inform us of your interest. This survey is non-binding, but will help us to plan ahead; it will not be used to evaluate proposals. 


The guidelines page has additional information about the proposal and submission process. 

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