Call For Proposals

A core part of CivicPulse’s mission is to expand opportunities for top-quality research focused on local governance. Our recurring Calls For Proposals—first launched in 2019—is a key way that we do this. These Calls invite researchers, practitioners, and local governments themselves to propose questions for CivicPulse’s nationwide surveys of township, municipality, and county government officials across a range of positions. We work closely with all applicants to ensure they are able to make the most of these opportunities while also safeguarding this collective resource for years to come.  

Upcoming Surveys and Deadlines

October 2021 Surveys


Apply by June 1, 2021 to survey one or more of the following positions: 

  • Policymakers 

  • Top Appointed Officials 

  • Clerks 

 These surveys will be conducted in October 2021.


You can see the sample size and pricing options by position below. Pricing is based on the total available respondents for each position. After considering these options, please complete this very brief (non-binding) survey of interest

*  Includes top elected officials (e.g., mayor, county executive) and legislators (e.g. councilmember, commissioner)

For future calls for proposals, please stay tuned. We currently announce two calls a year to survey policymakers and a rotating selection of top civil servant positions. For example, our previous call invited proposals to survey policymakers, heads of law enforcement, and heads of finance/budgeting. 

How To Apply 

We try to make proposals as simple as possible. The main focus is the development of your survey questions. When you develop your survey questions, you will want to think about how much time the questions will take to answer. Each proposal is limited to no more than four minutes of survey content.  


Here are the key documents that will help you in developing your proposal: 

  1. Detailed Proposal Guidelines 

  2. Standard Survey Variables (e.g., demographics) 

  3. Time Estimation Rubric

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