A core part of CivicPulse’s mission is to expand opportunities for top-quality research focused on local governance. Two ways we do this are through our Custom Surveys and Call for Proposals. You can propose questions for our surveys of government officials across a range of positions.  

Our team of survey methodology and local government experts work closely with applicants to ensure they make the most of these opportunities while also safeguarding this collective resource for years to come.

Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys allows applicants the flexibility of a personalized survey that can be fielded at any time of the year. Proposals are invited for any of the 12 local government positions. 

Learn more about how to apply here.

Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals invites questions for our national surveys of local government officials. These surveys are multi-collaborator and allow contributors to obtain high quality data while saving on the fixed costs of reaching large samples of local officials.
The next set of omnibus surveys will be fielded in Spring 2022 and will include surveys to top appointed officials, governing board members, top elected officials, and other positions still to be determined. Proposals are due December 15, 2021


Learn more about how to apply here.